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Naughty Classroom

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Naughty Classroom

Game Description

Naughty Classroom - another Naughty series funny online puzzle game. You don't need good marks to top this class, just a wicked mind! Get naughty with Naughty Classroom! Point and click on objects to use them, pair 2 objects together and create a combo. This game is not suitable for children. Naughty Classroom Walkthrough: shoot the girl in the middle of the room to make her cry, shoot the chalk on the right of the board, and the cockroach on the wall while she's attending to the crying girl; when she reaches down to pick up the chalk, click her chest to throw the cockroach. also during this you can click the frog in a jar. Any time her back is to the fan, click it to turn it on. While she reacts to the fan shoot the eraser off the board on the left. While she picks up the eraser click her butt. Click the balls on the desk while her back is turned. When she blabers something about the noise. Click the wind chimes on the ceiling that will rip her skirt to see her panties. After all that has been done you should have "last shot" appear on the screen. when this happens, click the clock once to remove the cover then again to make the bell ring. as the teacher gets close to the door, click the bucket above it constantly.

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